Sequoia/Playbowl Pipeline Project

Greetings Cuesta La Honda Guild Members:

In the next few weeks, we will begin Phase 1 of the Sequoia Playbowl Pipeline Project. Casey Construction, the same company that completed the Ventura Avenue Pipeline Project in 2018, is under contract with the Guild to perform Phase 1 of this project.
Phase 1 will:
● Replace the existing 2” main on Sequoia Dr. from Redwood to Play Bowl with an 8”HDPE main.
● Install new water pipe service to homes in the Phase 1 project area on Sequoia Dr. and Guardian Way.
● Install two new hydrants. One will be on Sequoia midway between Redwood and Playbowl. The second hydrant will be at the NW corner of Sequoia and Playbowl. The contract has been signed, and the San Mateo County encroachment permit has been approved. All materials have been ordered, and we are waiting on materials delivery before we can begin.

We want to make sure everyone is aware that production and distribution of materials are still in flux and may be delayed. Once the materials have arrived, Casey Construction will send out a two-week notice of the construction start date.
During the project, there will be daily road closures. There will be no vehicle access to closed roads 8am-5pm on work days. Work will begin at the intersection of Sequoia and Playbowl and work up through Sequoia to the tie-in on Redwood Drive. We have attached a map of the street closures along with a project map. Please note that the project map also includes Phase 2, which is still in the planning stages.
There may be water service disruptions during the project. If disruptions do occur, we will distribute potable water to the affected households as necessary. We know this work may be an inconvenience to nearby residents, but this project will bring enhanced fire protection and improved water service to the area. Phase 2 of this project, still in future planning, will extend the new 8” main and new water system service to the rest of the residents of Sequoia Dr. and Playbowl Dr. with additional hydrants on Sequoia and Playbowl.
If you have any questions, contact Terry Mahoney at
Thank you,
CLHG Board

Sequoia-Playbowl Pipeline Project Maps